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Fake Currency Scanner Prank


Fake Currency Scanner PrankFake currency prank scanner is information cum prank application. This application contains information of how to detect the fake currency. Application contain manual to know important points on finding out the fake note.
This app helps you to detect Fake Money. This is funny Prank to Fool your Friends. This app will make them that your Phone will scan for Fake Money. But it is not possible with Any Mobile phone now. This is Prank and for fun.
How to use the app.
► The app has a camera which shows ultra negative screen so that you can check the currency note properly. ► Place the currency note in from of the apps camera and click on start scan button. ► A scanning animation will start and show if the note is real or fake. ► The app takes a picture with a stamp of Fake or Real on the currency note. ► The photo will be stored in folder. You can share this photo with your friends.
Fake Money Detector in Different Way:
► Manual► Scanner► Fluorescent Light► Magnifying Glass
The app contains detail guideline on Indian currency to detect fake or real notes. Following these guidelines will increase your knowledge of Indian Currency notes of Rs.100, Rs.500, Rs.1000 notes. Its a complete guideline to understand the Indian Currency
Fake Currency Scanner is a prank application and just intended for fun purposes, the reading of result are not at all correct. It is created only for fun & entertainment purpose!
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